Product Name

  • Model :HDSP-Z16 V AD-16A
  • Brand :ZAPCO
  • Specificity :HD 플레이어가 내장 된 16 채널 DSP

Product description

HD 플레이어가있는 16 채널 DSP, 8 개의 아날로그 입력 (RCA + 하이 레벨), 5 개의 디지털 입력, 16 개의 아날로그 출력, 모듈 식 장치 : 독립된 18 개의 PCB가있는 고급 솔루션, 플레이어 및 DSP : 일체형 듀얼 코어 프로세서, DSP 프로세서 : OMAP L-138-2 x 456MHz, 32 비트 (64 비트 / IEEE 배정 밀도까지), DSP 프로세서 포인트 : 고정 및 부동, DSP 샘플링 속도 : 96KHz, 플레이어 전력 : 456Mhz-Arm 9 32 비트, 파일 오디오 형식 : WAV, AIF, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, 디렉토리 : 파일 / 아티스트 / 앨범 / Ti

16 Channels DSP with HD Player
8 Analog Inputs (RCA + High Level), 5 Digital Inputs, 16 Analog Outputs
Modular device: High-end solution with 18 independent PCB
Player & DSP: All-in-one dual core processor
DSP Processor: OMAP L-138 - 2 x 456 MHz, 32 Bit (till 64-bit/IEEE double precision)
DSP Processor Point: Fixed & Floating
DSP Sampling Rate: 96 KHz
Player power: 456 Mhz - Arm 9 32 Bit. Read till 192 KHz/24 bit
File Audio formats: WAV, AIF, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, Direct.: File or Artist/Album or Title
USB memory stick support: Formatted FAT32 with limited memory space (2 TB)
ADC Processor (standard): AK5558, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 115 dB DNR
ADC Processor (option B): AK5578, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 121 dB DNR
DAC Processor (standard): AK4458, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 115 dB DNR (*8ch)
DAC Processor (option B): AK4490, 32 Bit 784 KHz, 120 dB DNR (*8ch, Now Available)
DAC Processor (option A): ES9038PRO, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 132 dB DNR (*8ch, Not Available)
Frequency response: 5Hz @ 45 KHz
THD+N: 0,0008 (Digital Input), 0,001 (Analog Input) 1V Out
S/N Device Floor Noise: -125 dB (from 20 Hz to 20 KHz), -135 dB (from 150 Hz to 20 KHz), -140 dB (average from 80 Hz to 20 KHz)
S/N Ratio (Digital Inputs): from 115 to 120 dB A
S/N Ratio (Analog Inputs): from 109 to 115 dB A
Crosstalk: > 110 dB (from 300 Hz to 0.9 KHz)
Crosstalk: average 115 dB (from 300 Hz to 0.9 KHz)
Analog Inputs: 6/8 x RCA Low Level 1/5 Volt, 8 x High Level 4/20 Volt
Digital Inputs: Optical: 24 Bit - 192 KHz, SPDIF: 24 Bit - 192 KHz, 3 x i2S: 24 Bit - 192 KHz
Analog Outputs: 16 x RCA, 4 Volt (5 KOhm), Impedance: 100 Ohm
Dash Board: 3" Touch Screen, 10 Preset
Dash Board Control: Volume/Balance/Fader/Tone
Wireless Control: Wi-Fi External Module (incl.)
BT Streaming: External APTX HD Module (opt.)
Tuning: Easy and Expert, "Double Front"
I/O Setup: 2ch, 4ch, 6ch, 8ch, OEM SUM, AUX
Digital Input Mode: HD, Optical, Coax, i2S 1, 2, 3
EQ Parametric 30 / 6 poles
XO Filters: Linkwitz, Butterw., Bessel, Tsecheb.
Phase Filter: All channels 1Hz/1 Degree step
VSEQ Filter: 50-200 Hz - 1 Hz step
Power Supply: Operating: 6-16 Volt, Current Draw: 750 mA/14.4 V, Fuse: 1A
Stop-Start ignition system support
Main unit overall dimensions (mm): 217(L) x 164(W) x 57(H)
Dash Board dim. (mm): 111(L) x 16(W) x 49(H)

1. Three i2S (Z.COM) allow for digital input expansion such as HD Digital Bluetooth Module (optional).
2. Coaxial Digital Input.
3. Toslink Digital Input.
4. There are up to 8 Channels of input, Differentially Balanced RCAs, or High Level speaker inputs, for main input. For maximum sound quality the HDSP units have analog level controls for the inputs tied to LED clip lights. This allows you to get the maximum unclipped (clean) signal for the HDSP to work with. Of the 8 RCA input channels two (In7 and In8) can be used for an Auxiliary RCA input if not all eight inputs are needed for the main in.
5. Below each RCA input pair, there is a pair of Speaker Level Inputs, if you are adding the HDSP to an OEM factory stereo you will use these connectors to take the input from the factory stereo system’s speaker leads. The wires of each of the four plugs are labeled for correct hookup.
While your head unit may have up to 8 channels of output, we highly recommend that you use only a single full range pair of inputs to the HDSP since the HDSP processing will be far superior to your head unit processing. Also using two different processing stations will greatly complicate the tuning process and add distortion.
The OEM input plugs allow up to 8 channels of speaker level input, but you need only connect enough speaker wires to get a full range signal for the HDSP to work with. Once you have wired the OEM plug the HDSP can sum all the signals together into a full range R/L signal pair as input for all the output channels.
As noted above Input Channels 7 and 8 can be used as additional Low Level audio source. You can switch from Main input to Auxiliary input using the GUI on the PC or by choosing the LINE on the dash remote.
6. PC USB: This USB-B receptacle can be used to connect the HDSP processor to a PC for system setup.
7. WiFi Module: This DIN receptacle will accept the Zapco Wireless Dongle for wireless connection to a PC for system adjustments.
8. Audio USB: The USB-A receptacle accepts FAT 32 formatted USB sticks (up to 2 TB) for up to 24 Bit/192 KHz, HD Music files for the on-board Hi Definition Audio Player.
9. Dash Board: The RG Connector accepts the connection to the Wired Remote.
10. LED Indicators for power and protection.

1. The Output end of the HDSP is very straight forward with eight (HDSP-Z16 V) or four (HDSP-Z8 V) pairs of Zapco’s proprietary Gold RCA Output connectors.
2. The 1A Power Fuse.
3. The processor’s Electrical Connections. Below is the wire harness with the wire colors.