ZAPCO Z-150.4 II

Product Name

  • Model :Z-150.4 II
  • Brand :ZAPCO
  • Specificity :4 채널 사운드 Q 클래스 AB 앰프

Product description

Z-150.4 II는 4 채널 앰프이며 기본 컨트롤과 기능이 동일합니다. 2 채널 앰프이지만 4 채널 사용에 적합합니다.

Features and Functions
4-Channel Street Power competition amplifier
Stable into 4 ohms bridged or 2 ohms stereo load
PWM MOSFET power supply
High end Op-amps and Capacitors
Variable FULL / LP / HP Electronic Crossover
0-12dB variable bass boost
4-way protection circuitry
Wired remote control (optional)
Panel mount RCA connectors
Power @ 4Ω: 4 x 165 watts
Power @ 2Ω: 4 x 275 watts
Power @ 4Ω Bridged: 2 x 550 watts
THD @ Rated Power < 0.05%
Signal to Noise Ratio > 100dB
Frequency Response 10Hz to 30,000Hz ±1dB
Input Sensitivity .5v to 8v
Dimensions in mm: 190(W) x 62(H) x 444(L)
Overall: 190(W) x 62(H) x 479(L)

1. Front (Ch1/2) RCA inputs
2. Rear (Ch2/4) RCA inputs
3. Front and rear variable gain controls
4. Front (Ch1/2) Multiplier and HPF frequency control*
5. Crossover mode select (Clone position makes both front and rear crossovers identical)
6. Rear (Ch3/4) HPF frequency control
7. Rear crossover mode switch*
8. Rear (Ch3/4) Multiplier and LPF frequency control*
9. Variable Bass boost control
10. Port for optional dash mount bass gain control
11. Auxiliary pass-through RCA output*
12. Power and Protect LEDs